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Semi Di Lino

  1. €16.00Smoothing Shampoo
  2. €16.00Smoothing Conditioner (Fine/Light hair)
  3. €16.00Smoothing Mask(Thick Hair)

Eleven Australia

  1. €20.00Hydrate my hair Moisture Shampoo 300ml
  2. €20.00Hydrate My Hair Moisture Contidioner ...
  3. €20.00I Want Body Volume Shampoo 300ml
  4. €20.00I Want Body Volume Conditioner 300ml
  5. €21.00Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo 300ml
  6. €21.00Keep My Colour Blonde Treatment 200ml
  7. €20.00Smooth Me Now Anti Frizz Shampoo 300ml
  8. €20.00Smooth Me Now Anti Frizz Contitioner ...
  9. €21.00Repair My Hair Nourishing Shampoo 300ml
  10. €21.00Repair My HairNourishing Conditioner ...
  11. €21.00Rinse Out Repair 3Min Treatment 200ml
  12. €20.00Deep Clean Shampoo 300ml
  13. €21.00Miracle Hair Treatment 125mlDon't rinse out shampoo.
  14. €21.00Detangle My Hair Leave in Spray 250mlDon't rinse out shampoo
  15. €21.00Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo 130g
  16. €24.00Give Me Hold Flexible HairsprayFinishing Product
  17. €24.00Dry Finish Texture Spray 178mlFinishing Product


  1. €16.00Reparitive low shampoo 250ml
  2. €18.00Reparative Mask 200ml
  3. €17.00Anti breakage Daily fluid
  4. €23.00Reparative lotion


  1. €16.00Nutrative Low shampoo 250ml
  2. €18.00Nutrative Low Mask 200ml
  3. €16.00Nutrative Leave in Conditioner 200ml
  4. €16.00Nutrative Detengling Fluid 125ml


  1. €16.00Illuminating shampoo 250ml
  2. €15.00Illuminating conditioner 200ml
  3. €18.00lluminating mask 200ml
  4. €18.00Extra Ordinary All in One fluid


  1. €20.00Cristalli Luiquid 50ml
  2. €20.00Cristalli spray 125ml


  1. €16.00Volumising shampoo 250 ml
  2. €17.00Volumising mousse conditioner 200ml
  3. €17.00Volumising Spray 125ml

Scalp Care

  1. €16.00Energising Low shampoo 250ml
  2. €28.00Scalp energising lotion 12X10ml
  3. €16.00Scalp Balancing Shampoo 250ml
  4. €16.00Calming Low shampoo 250ml
  5. €26.00Calming Tonic 125ml
  6. €16.00Purifying Low shampoo 250ml

Color Wow

  1. €22.00Color wow shampoo
  2. €22.00Color wow conditioner
  3. €28.00Dream filter
  4. €28.00Wow Dream coat spray
  5. €24.95Wow coctail anti breakage
  6. €24.95Wow coctail dry/strawlike
  7. €24.95Wow coctail carb infused
  8. €18.00Color wow shine spray
  9. €18.00Color wow pop n lock serum
  10. €18.00Color wow Raise the Root

Loreal Root Sprays

  1. €11.00Warm blonde
  2. €11.00Dark blonde
  3. €11.00Light brown
  4. €11.00Brown
  5. €11.00Dark brown
  6. €11.00Black

Style Stories

  1. €16.00Blow dry cream 150ml
  2. €15.00Texturising Dry Shampoo 200ml
  3. €12.00Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 500ml
  4. €16.00Fiber Paste 100ml
  5. €16.00Funk Clay 100ml
  6. €16.00Sea Spray 150ml
  7. €15.00Thermal Protector 200ml
  8. €15.00Glossy Pomade 100ml


  1. €16.00Curls low shampoo 250ml
  2. €16.00Curls low conditioner (leave in) 200ml
  3. €18.00Curls enhancing mask200ml
  4. €16.00Curls hydrating co wash200ml
  5. €19.00Curls defining cream 125ml
  6. €19.00Curls reactivating spray 125ml
  7. €20.00Curls multi benefit oil 100ml

Curl Sets

  1. €30.00Course Hair SetHydrating Wash and Enhancing Mask
  2. €30.00Fine Hair SetEnhancing Low Shampoo and Enhancing Conditioner.


  1. €25.00KnottyBrush / Big Feckin Shower Comb
  2. €25.00Mini Knotty Brush / Mini comb (Gold)
  3. €13.00Gold Plated Wave Comb
  4. €7.00The Big Feckin Shower Comb
  5. €14.00Curl & Pop Magic Wand Rollers

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